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Nibbles and Sips Goes to the Country

Jordan Wright June 22, 2015

A Dreamy Summer Pop-Up Supper, Strawberries Rule at Delaplane’s Annual Festival, Fueling Up at The French Hound, Healthful Eats at Brassicas, Patrick O’Connell Launches Latest Book at Willowsford

Ryan (left) and Shelly Ross gather with guests

Ryan Ross, daughter of Shelly Ross, owner of […]

Human Rights Campaign’s “Chefs For Equality” Evening Scores Big with DC Chefs and Their Fans

Jordan Wright September 25, 2014 Photo credit – Jordan Wright Special to DC Metro Theater Arts


Event Chair David Hagedorn in lime green tie

When Washington Post food writer David Hagedorn is doing the asking, big name chefs and restaurateurs respond. Though we didn’t see her there, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader […]

The Real Spirit of Christmas in Rappahannock County – Nibbles and Sips Goes to the Country

Jordan Wright November 27, 2012 Special to DC Metro Theater Arts, Broadway Stars, and localKicks Thanks to Visit Rappahannock County Virginia – Office of Tourism

‘Grey Thursday’. Who dreamt this one up? It’s so not right, on so many levels, and affords us little time to catch up with family, trim […]

Amping Up the Romance with Chocolate and Other Legendary Aphrodisiacs

Jordan Wright February 2011 Special to The Washington Examiner

La Naissance de VénusUffizi – Gallery in Florence,Italy

Rosemary, figs, pine nuts, honey. Oysters, grapes, avocado, chiles. Strawberries, coffee, lavender, ginger. Of all the foods reputed to inspire romance, it is chocolate that is most closely associated with gift giving on Valentine’s Day.

Whether […]