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Nibbles and Sips Around Town – A Conversation with Pastry Chef Joseluis Flores

Jordan Wright June 4, 2014 all photo credit to Jordan Wright

Pastry Chef Joseluis Flores

You may have noted that I only occasionally report on desserts. Often they can be so cloyingly sweet, targeted to a juvenile palate, or just something to bump up the check total. And unless there is a […]

A Night for Spain to Shine

Jordan Wright January 23, 2014 Special to DC Metro Theater Arts, Broadway Stars, and LocalKicks

Spain’s Ambassador Ramon Gil-Casares (right) chats with a guest

Dozens of foodies and fashionistas crammed into the former residence of the Ambassador to Spain on 16th Street Thursday night to […]

Nibbles and Sips

Jordan Wright December 2, 2009

Food Network’s Chef Guy Fieri at the Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show – photo credit Jordan Wright

I never expected to like Guy Fieri. His edgy, peroxided, spiky-haired style insults my delicate sensibilities. Yet here I was at the recent Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show doubled over, tears pouring […]


Launch of Jose Andres Catering with Ridgewells Jordan Wright Whisk and Quill October 2009

This week saw the launch of Jose Andres Catering with Ridgewells.

Getting the party started – photo credit Jordan Wright

No sooner had the genius entrepreneur Andres, who can’t seem to rest on his laurels,

Jose shares his […]