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Nibbles and Sips Around Town – June 2, 2015

Jordan Wright June 2, 2015

Sushi School; Dine-N-Dash in Penn Quarter; Fabulous Animals Art Exhibition at iCi Bistro; Kaz Okuchi, Bonny Wolf and Yoko Isassi at the National Museum of American History

Back to Class with the Master

It’s been two years since I sat down with Tokyo-born Daisuke Utagawa, owner […]

Nibbles and Sips Around Town – April 3, 2015

Jordan Wright April 3, 2015 Special to DC Metro Theater Arts

Peter Chang and Gen Lee Open Their Fifth Restaurant

Joan Nathan with Kaz Oguchi (left) and Gen Lee

Joan Nathan was holding court at the best table in the house during ‘friends and family’ night at Chang’s latest Virginia outpost, the eponymously […]

Nibbles and Sips Around Town – March 12, 2015

Jordan Wright March 12, 2015 Special to DC Metro Theater Arts

SER A Reboot of the Classic Dishes of Spain

SER co-owner Javier Candon and wife Christiana Campos Candon

Last summer when the Ballston Business Improvement District sent out an all-call seeking innovative restaurant concepts, co-owners Javier Candon and Josu Zubikarai geared up […]

Nibbles and Sips Around Town – March 30th 2014

Jordan Wright March 16, 2014 Special to DC Metro Theater Arts, Broadway Stars, and LocalKicks

City Tap House, The Partisan, Malmaison, Jaleo Brunch, Peach Brandy at Mount Vernon

Brunch before the Matinee

Crystal City Jaleo

On an unseasonably warm Sunday we tried out the new brunch menu at […]

Nibbles and Sips Around Town: Dining Before the Show – Great Deals From Great Restaurants

Jordan Wright October 2012 Special to,, and

When friends ask me where to dine before the theatre I try to respond authoritatively. But, alas, my brain turns to porridge as I mentally scroll through the limitless options. I try to hone it down by asking: Which theatre are […]

Nibbles and Sips Around Town – May 2nd

Jordan Wright May 2, 2012 Special to and

Destination Pig

Chef Will Harlan breaks down a side of beef while Chef/Owner Scott Harlan looks on at Green Pig Bistro – photo credit Jordan Wright

I’m hooked on Green Pig Bistro and already dreaming about a […]