Spamalot – The Little Theatre of Alexandria

Jordan Wright August 5, 2014 Special to The Alexandria Times

Audience Alert: It became clear to me, when I was the only person howling with laughter, that the musical intro to Spamalot, The Little Theatre of Alexandria’s first show of the 2014-2015 season, that the audience failed to pick up on the […]

Tender Tale of Friendship and Sacrifice at Port City Playhouse

Jordan Wright February 22, 2013 Special to The Alexandria Times 

Morgan played by Elliott Bales, Angus by Paul Tamney and Miles by Daniel Westbrook – Photo Credit Michael deBlois

Michael Healey’s The Drawer Boy, performed by Port City Playhouse is by turns a darkly funny and deeply poignant piece of theater […]

Medea September 2012 – Port City Playhouse

Jordan Wright September 24, 2012 Special to The Alexandria Times 

Warning: Spoiler Alert.  The plot of Medea will be revealed here.  For those of you who are without knowledge of Greek mythology, you may want to stop reading now. Others, whose memories of Jason and Medea may be just a tad rusty, […]

Angel: A Nightmare in Two Acts – Port City Playhouse

Jordan Wright November 7, 2011 Special to The Alexandria Times 

Robin Zerbe (Irma) & Doug Sanford (Mengele) – Photo credit to Doug Olmsted

“Evil can be most appealing, even when it comes packaged so attractively,” declares the sage defense attorney (David Adler) to the young prosecutor, referring […]