Fully Committed ~ MetroStage

Jordan Wright December 13, 2016 Special to The Alexandria Times

Tom Story in Fully Committed Photo credit Chris Banks

Fully Committed comes with so much stage cred, it’s hard to know where to start – so I’ll start with the underpinnings. Drum roll, please. It is directed by Alan Paul, whom we know […]

Henry IV – Shakespeare Theatre Company

Jordan Wright April 18, 2014 Special to The Alexandria Times

Matthew Amendt as Prince Hal and Edward Gero as King Henry IV production of Henry IV, Part 2. Photo by Scott Suchman.

Right after the gloom and doom set up in Act 1 when we learn that King Henry IV is the […]

Medea September 2012 – Port City Playhouse

Jordan Wright September 24, 2012 Special to The Alexandria Times

Warning: Spoiler Alert. The plot of Medea will be revealed here. For those of you who are without knowledge of Greek mythology, you may want to stop reading now. Others, whose memories of Jason and Medea may be just a tad […]