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Volta ~ Cirque du Soleil

Jordan Wright
July 28, 2019 

When Cirque du Soleil comes to town the excitement level soars as high as the big top that holds the exhilarating spectacle.  Just watching the white tents go up in Tysons Corner II foretells of acrobats and contortionists with feats of extreme agility, grace and power.  Volta tells the story of WAZ, an unusual blue-hued, feather-haired boy who seeks his place in the world.  His journey of self-discovery and ultimate transformation is backgrounded by video projections of his youth, a fondly remembered red bicycle, and dreams of his mother on their rural farm.

Mr Wow3 ~ Credit Matt Beard Costumes Zaldy

Guided by the roller-skating urchin, Ela, WAZ soon finds friends who live life to the fullest in an urban landscape fueled by street sports. When they encourage him to participate in their activities, he discovers all the adventures and fun a boy can have. Riding flatland tricks on BMX bicycles at high speed on ramps, tumbling through ever-higher hoops, skipping ropes double-dutch at warp speed and flying through the air on trapeze and high wire. Another thriller is the three-story tumbling competition on the ‘trampowall’.  In between the extraordinary feats on ladders, BMX and unicycle, there’s plenty of humor for children and adults, in particular a wonderfully silly scene portrayed in pantomime of a fraught day at the beach.  One of the most talked about feats may be Brazilian acrobat, Vanesa Ferreira Calado’s performance of hair suspension.  Yes, she flies through the air with the greatest of ease – held on solely by her hair!

VOLTA Mr Wow 011 Photo credit BenoitZ.Lero…customes Zaldy

The show is three hours of fascinating, ever-electrifying wow with moments of sweetness and visual storytelling set to an original score by Anthony Gonzalez, of the French electronic music project M83.  As described by the company, “Ultimate freedom comes with self-acceptance and liberation from the judgement of others.” In other words, let your freak flag fly high!

Unicycle ~ Credit Matt Beard ~ Costumes Zaldy

Costumes by Emmy Award designer Zaldy Goco, famed for his work with Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Gwen Stefani and RuPaul’s Drag Racerange from the subtle streetwear to candy-colored, rainbow-hued leotards for the acrobats, shiny golden capes, fur for Mr. WOW and delicate chiffons for the ballet dancer and electric violin player.

For those of us trying to remember when Cirque first came to town, their first local production was in 1988 with Cirque Réinventé.  The brand new Volta is the 21stproduction to visit the DC Metro area.

Through September 29that the Lerner Town Center at Tysons II, VA.  For tickets and information visit  or call 1-877-924-7783.

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