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Generation Gap…Or, How Many Millennials Does It Take To Teach A Baby Boomer To Text Generation X? ~ The Second City at The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

Jordan Wright
July 3, 2018 

I’m not taking sides on this hot button generational debate.  But I am splitting my sides over The Second City’s latest gift to comedy at the Kennedy Center.  Breaking News: “Shear Madness” is on hiatus until late August after a 60 million-year run.  Ever since the Kennedy Center expanded its comedy offerings, big things have been happening on its storied stages and Second City is one of the most reliable comedy troupes the theater has ever produced.

(l-r) Frank Caeti, Asia Martin, Cody Dove, Holly Walker ~ Teresa Castracane Photography

Generation Gap…, a new series of hipster skits by a six-member cast, will agelessly rock your funny bone with its trendoid lingo and physical comedy shenanigans.  But woe betide to the boomer who isn’t up to speed on pop culture (Beyoncé, emojis, Tinder, G-Chat, Snapchat and sexting, to mention just a few), though it appeared this all-ages audience caught on quickly.  They certainly caught the spirit of it.  The Generation X kids were in hysterics.

The show is geared to poke fun at the divide between the older generation and today’s youth culture – getting awards for showing up, video dance games vs actual couple dancing (Egads! Touching while dancing!), fear of newspapers and preoccupation with selfies are just a few of the topics ripe for spoofing.  Here SCOTUS is replaced by Alexa and Twitter is described as a modern-day walkie-talkie.

(l-r) Evan Mills, Holly Walker ~ Teresa Castracane Photography

There are audience participation skits, something Second City is well known for.  In one, a young woman is invited on stage and challenged to write in cursive and, much to nearly everyone’s surprise, she actually nails it.  Kind of makes you want to go back every night just to see how that goes.  Another game brings up a semi-senior audience member to see if he understands emojis.  He doesn’t, and it’s hilarious to see what he thinks some of them are meant to represent.  Another reason to see it again.  It’s “on fleek”, as they say, meaning super cool or looking great.  Okay, that one I had to look up.

Show stoppers: A wildly accurate impression of one of those ridiculous wiggly balloon men at car dealerships.  Another scene where a mother tries to get her daughter to listen to her pleas, but is ignored by her serial texting child.

Top Row L­R Frank Caeti, Asia Martin, Maureen Boughey Bottom Row L_R Holly Walker, Evan Mills, Cody Dove photos taken by Teresa Castracane Photography

It’s a funny, frenetic, comedy that touches on issues every generation grapples with.  But, notwithstanding our differences, there is one thing we can all agree on, nobody wants to hear about their parents’ sex life, especially if they enjoy it! TMI!!!

Created by Asia Martin, directed by Anthony LeBlanc, written by Carisa Barreca, Asia Martin, Jay Steigmann, Jamison Webb, and the Casts of Second City.

Starring Maureen Boughey, Frank Caeti, Cody Dove, Asia Martin, Evan Mills and Holly Walker.

A fun night out.  Bring the teens.  Anybody’s teens.

The Kennedy Center’s upcoming District of Comedy Festival begins July 19th and runs through the 25th.  Check the website for listings and stay tuned for the upcoming featured solo acts by Jeff Foxworthy, Miranda Eisenberg, Colin Quinn, Lily Tomlin, Maz Jobrani, Brian Regan and more.

Through August 12th in the Theatre Lab at The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, 2700 F St., NW, Washington, DC.  For tickets and information for future shows call 202 467-4600 or visit

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