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Marys Seacole

Marys Seacole

Mosaic Theater Jordan Wright May 10, 2022 Special to The Zebra

Tina Fabrique as Duppy Mary and Kim Bey as Mary (Photo/Margot Schulman)

Born in Jamaica to a Scottish seafaring father and Jamaican mother, Mary considered herself Creole but above all a daughter and defender of the British […]

Eureka Day ~ Mosaic Theater Company of DC at the Atlas Center for the Performing Arts

Jordan Wright December 12, 2019

Jonathan Spector’s comedy about a private, liberal grade school in Berkeley, California brings tons of laughs when its politically correct committee of five educators is faced with an outbreak of the mumps. Among the school’s decision-makers are Meiko, a shy Asian woman in an affair with Eli who is […]

Bad Jews – Studio Theatre

Jordan Wright November 11, 2014 Special to The Alexandria Times

If you find the title Bad Jews off-putting, that’s precisely what Playwright Joshua Harmon is aiming for. Go ahead. Feel uncomfortable. But you’ll laugh your head off while you’re squirming in your seat.

Irene Sofia Lucio (Daphna), Maggie Erwin (Melody), and Alex […]