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An Eastern Band of Cherokee Farmer Fosters ‘Memory Banking’ and Growing of Heirloom Seeds

Jordan Wright February 11, 2013 Special to Indian Country Today Media Network

Kevin Welch is helping Eastern Band of Cherokee growers save heirloom vegetables from extinction. (Courtesy Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Cooperative Extension)

Ask Kevin Welch what he does, and he’ll tell you he’s a “professional farmer.” But he’s no ordinary […]

The Cherokee Way to Vacation: The Call of the Wild in Qualla Boundary and Beyond

Jordan Wright July 12, 2012 Special to Indian Country Today Media

A scene from “Unto These Hills”

Amid the majestic scenery of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians’ 56,000-acre sovereign nation known as Qualla Boundary lies the city of Cherokee, which sits at the entrance of North Carolina’s Great Smoky Mountains […]

Ramps – Respecting the Wild

Jordan Wright Special to Indian Country Today Media Network April 15, 2012

A mess of ramps ready for the pan – photo credit Jordan Wright

In Qualla Boundary, high up in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, springtime means foraging for emergent greens. The Eastern Band of Cherokee […]