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POTUS is a Flat-Out, Genius, Madcap Comedy at Arena Stage

POTUS is a Flat-Out, Genius, Madcap Comedy at Arena Stage

POTUS: Or, Behind Every Great Dumbass Are Seven Women Trying to Keep Him Alive Arena Stage Jordan Wright October 20, 2023 Special to The Zebra

Kelly McAndrew, Yesenia Iglesias and Megan Hill in POTUS (Photo/Kian McKellar)

Nothing […]

Macbeth ~ Shakespeare Theatre Company Sidney Harmon Hall

Jordan Wright May 9, 2017

The cast of Macbeth. Photo credit Scott Suchman

Refugees fleeing from Aleppo, Syria is not the first thing that comes to mind when pondering Macbeth, but under the direction of Liesl Tommy it serves as the backdrop for this exciting, new interpretation of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy about […]

Silver Belles ~ Signature Theatre

Jordan Wright November 29, 2016 Special to The Alexandria Times

Naomi Jacobson (Bo Jack) and Dan Manning (Earl). Photo by Christopher Mueller

Composer and lyricist, Matt Conner (past Sig shows include Crossing, The Hollow, Nevermore, and Partial Eclipse) in collaboration with lyricist, Stephen Gregory Smith gets us in the Christmas spirit with […]

The Critic & The Real Inspector Hound Provide a Rollicking Two-fer from the Shakespeare Theatre Company

Jordan Wright January 12, 2016 Special to The Alexandria Times

(L to R) John Ahlin as Mr. Dangle, Robert Dorfman as Mr. Sneer, and Robert Stanton as Mr. Puff in The Critic – Photo by Scott Suchman.

Director Michael Kahn presents a rollicking game of “skewer the critic” when he rolls these two […]

Mary T. and Lizzy K. at Arena Stage

Jordan Wright March 31, 2013 Special to The Alexandria Times

(L-R) Sameerah Luqmaan-Harris as Elizabeth Keckly and Naomi Jacobson as Mary Todd Lincoln – Photo by Scott Suchman.

Four indisputably exceptional actors command the stage at Arena Stage’s world premiere of Mary T. and Lizzy K. Of that there […]

In ‘God of Carnage’ the Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree – Signature Theatre

Jordan Wright April 23, 2012 Special to The Alexandria Times

Michael (Andy Brownstein, far right) makes a stand as Alan (Paul Morella), Veronica (Naomi Jacobson) and Annette (Vanessa Lock) look on. "God of Carnage" plays at Virginia’s Signature Theatre through June 24, 2012.

In the […]