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Sneak Peek! and Exclusive Interviews with “Mercy Street” Designers Amy Andrews Harrell, Costume Designer, and Ignatius Creegan, Hat Designer

Jordan Wright January 10, 2016 Special to The Alexandria Times

Costume design by Amy Andrews Harrell

In our October interview with Mercy Street Co-Producer Lisa Wolfinger, we examined the story behind the new PBS Masterpiece Theatre’s Civil War era miniseries. Set in Alexandria, VA the plot is based on the true story of […]

An Interview with Lisa Wolfinger, Co-Producer of “Mercy Street”

Jordan Wright October 8, 2015 Special to The Alexandria Times

Mercy Street: Behind the Scenes

On November 5th the Alexandria Film Festival and Visit Alexandria will host the premiere of PBS Masterpiece Theatre’s new Civil War era miniseries, Mercy Street. Based on true stories and set historically in Alexandria, the drama tells […]

Richmond’s Renaissance – From Historic to Hip

Jordan Wright October 14, 2015 Special to The Alexandria Times

Richmond is getting a lot of ink from around the country as it blossoms into a desirable destination for seasoned travelers. On a return flight from Ireland last month I was seated next to young German headed to Richmond for the 9-day UCI Road […]