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Anything Goes ~ Arena Stage

Jordan Wright November 10, 2018

A feel-good, razzamatazz, hotsy-totsy lollapalooza musical just blew into town like a tornado. And if you’ll pardon my saying so, it’s the Tower of Pisa, the Louvre Museum, it’s the Top (with apologies to Cole Porter). You won’t have to head to Broadway to take in fabulous hoofing, gorgeous […]

Metamorphoses At Arena Stage

Jordan Wright February 27, 2013 Special to The Alexandria Times

The cast of Metamorphoses Ashleigh Lathrop, Lisa Tejero, Raymond Fox, Doug Hara, Chris Kipiniak, Tempe Thomas, Lauren Orkus, Geoff Packard and Louise Lamson – Photo by Teresa Wood.

At Arena Stage’s Mead Center, Tony Award-winning director Mary Zimmerman’s Metamorphoses […]