Memphis and The Blues Trail in a 2015 Hyundai Sonata

Jordan Wright October 1, 2014 Special to The Alexandria Times Photo credit to Jordan Wright

Driving Old Highway 61 in the new turbo-charged Hyundai Sonata

The Plan: A road rally in the Hyundai 2015 Sonata. When Hyundai contacted me and asked if I’d like to be part of a road rally in Memphis, […]

Twenty-four Hours In the Lap of Luxury at Salamander Resort & Spa

Jordan Wright July 1, 2014 Photo credit Jordan Wright Special to the Alexandria Times

2015 Hyundai Genesis at Salamander Resort & Spa

An hour’s drive to the tony village of Middleburg doesn’t seem far at all when the end game is a posh five-star resort. An overnight stay was planned to […]