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A Second Chance – Signature Theatre

Jordan Wright November 28, 2011 Special to The Alexandria Times

Dan (Brian Sutherland) and Jenna (Diane Sutherland) both admiring a Rothko painting at the Museum of Modern Art in "A Second Chance". At Virginia’s Signature Theatre through December 11, 2011. Photo: Christopher Mueller.

Not only is this delicious show a […]

And The Curtain Rises – A Wild and Crazy, Everything-But-The-Kitchen-Sink Musical Delight At Signature Theatre

Jordan Wright March 29th, 2011 Special to The Washington Examiner

Nick Dalton as Wheatley. Photo Courtesy of Show Producer

Why Signature Theatre changed the name of this production only a few months before its opening is a question I continued to ask myself throughout this lively musical. Originally entitled, Wheatley’s Folly, referring to […]