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Poolside Sushi, Absolut Cocktails and the Summer Scene at DC’s Donovan House

Jordan Wright, Nibbles and Sips, June 2010

Photo by Jordan Wright - Sushi served by the skyline

Sushi served by the skyline - photo by Jordan Wright

Photo by Sara Mosqueda - Washington Life magazine interns

Washington Life magazine interns - photo by Sara Mosqueda

How do you gauge the start of summer?  If you’re downtown try Donovan House’s rooftop pool, perched atop Thomas Circle with spectacular views of the city.  Pair it with an orange crush sunset and a smooth breeze fluttering over party dresses and pink button-downs.

At Washington Life’s summer bash last night we had Zentan Chef Jamie De Oca’s Spicy Tuna Sushi and Scallop Sushi with fresh ginger, Singapore Slaw served in little Chinese take-out boxes and Crusted Vegetable Dumplings.

Photo by Sara Mosqueda - Savory appetizers from Zentan!

Savory appetizers from Zentan - photo by Sara Mosqueda

DC DJ Seyhan Duru kept it hot and “Pirate Punch” made with Absolut Raspberry Vodka kept it cool.

Photo by Jordan Wright - DJ Seyhan Duru really likes the view

DJ Seyhan Duru spinnin' and grinnin' - photo by Jordan Wright

So cute and yummy!

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