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In “Son of a Stand Up Comedian” Paul Scott Goodman Returns to MetroStage with his Latest Musical

April 2010

Paul Scott Goodman in Son of a Stand Up Comedian - Photo credit:  Chris Mueller

Paul Scott Goodman in Son of a Stand Up Comedian - Photo credit: Chris Mueller

Paul Scott Goodman’s edgy solo show opened at MetroStage last night. Set in 1980’s Manhattan counter-culture, it is a time capsule itinerary of a hip rocker’s life…a soul-baring, self-analytical musical voyage with the Scottish-born Goodman at the helm. At turns sarcastic and heart-warming, the monologue-set-to-music is Goodman’s chance to bat back at the travesties, injustices and sheer bad luck that befell his early musical career.

While he rails at mega Broadway productions, “Broadway is dead!”, and a failed fling as a catering waiter who joined the party and then was given the bum’s rush (he expresses surprise at this), there is no doubt that Goodman, an inspired and award-winning songwriter, accomplished guitarist and tale-spinner, puts forth raw energy in this semi-autobiographical piece.

Tender memories of meeting his wife, Miriam Gordon, the show’s collaborator, conversations with his stand-up Jewish comedian father and an unexpected sidelining off the Forest Hills “N” train to make a “mikvah” with strangers during the birth of his first child; save the show from total self-absorption. It remains to be seen if it will translate outside the New York City, Woody Allen brand of one-therapist-per-resident culture. But in the end it is Goodman’s sanguine, Scottish-accented, musical introspection that keeps the audience humming and toe-tapping along with him.

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